Holiday Outfit Inspiration from 218 To You

Hey ladies!

'Tis the season to enter every room in style. I love to play "dress up" at 218 because every piece gives my look the perfect touch of glamour and sophistication. However, don't be fooled, what starts as an innocent fashion show soon turns into me wanting to max out my credit cards on everything in the store. NO ACCESSORY LEFT BEHIND! In this post, I am highlighting some of my favorite stunna styles for any holiday occasion. Leave me a comment with the looks that you love!

Hi, my name is Quinn and I. AM. HERE. FOR. A. HOLIDAY. JUMPSUIT. I’ve written about this before, but I really appreciate a fashion moment that incorporates comfort. There is nothing better than being cozy and also looking polished. To me, that’s the girl who has it all.

The Poinsettia Ruffle Front Jumpsuit  paired with the Andy Velvet Jacket with Tie takes festive to a new level, but in the most effortlessly chic way. This color is unstoppable and honestly, now I want to own one of everything in candy apple red. 

I gravitated to the Nixie Jumpsuit as soon as I saw it. Technically speaking, they call my condition "love-at-first-sight." The lace bodice is elegant and the navy makes the ensemble understated but striking. If you want to strut your stuff, this is what you NEED to wear.

Let me tell you about the things I envision myself doing in the Orchid Dress: sashaying down a grand staircase, “living, laughing, loving,” and perhaps even meeting my Gatsby. This dress feels luxurious and transports me to a soiree in old Hollywood. The neckline of this gown makes it unique and an automatic showstopper. Perfect for a luxe dinner party or formal gathering of any kind, you will dazzle all night.