New Year, New Style

Hello loves, 

We hope you’ve all enjoyed the holiday festivities!  With just one more night to celebrate in style this holiday season, we have some outfit inspiration for you.  Whether you’re going out for some dancing or having a more intimate night in with friends and family, New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to have a little too much fun and maybe even dress outside of your comfort zone.  Even though I’m not much of a party goer, I’ll never miss an opportunity to wear an amazing outfit and be around the people I love. With some help from the girls at Two Eighteen I’ve put together a look that will keep you feeling like a stunner no matter where you’ll be when the ball drops at midnight.

Fashionista Top - $38

GRLFRND Denim - $179

Rainbow Gem Gold Drop Earrings - $15

Ted Baker Glitter Bow Clutch - 25% off $149

This outfit is all about being wearable.  So, if you’re looking for something that is fun, fashion-forward and also pretty comfortable, it’s for you.  Perfect for a night out or a night in, it'll definitely keep you standing out in the crowd.

As soon as this top arrived at the shop I knew I had to have it. The best thing about it is its versatility.  Yes, you can wear it on New Year’s Eve and look like a total babe but it’ll also become a staple in your wardrobe.  Let's just say we call it the "fashionista top" for a reason. 

Can I get a praise hands emoji for this Ted Baker clutch while we're at it?!  The chain makes it convenient to carry into a bar or party, and it's also the perfect fit for a phone, lipstick and other necessities. 

Now we can talk denim.  I had a love/hate relationship with this GRLFRND brand denim because it does feel quite stiff at first BUT after wearing these jeans for just a little while they became the best-fitting jeans I have ever worn. Ever. 

Basically, we’re obsessed with these pieces here at Two Eighteen.  However, if you’re on the search for something different than this look, we’ve got you covered.  Here are a few styles that are a bit edgier…

Black Gem Earrings - $15

Level 99 Suede Wrap Dress - $138

Ted Baker Glitter Bow Clutch - 25% off $149

Velvet Tank Dress - $54

Black Mesh Bodysuit - $45

Velvet Strappy Bralette - $25

On The Road Jumpsuit - $79

On The Road Coat - $149

 Black Velvet Choker - $6

Clayton Steller Dress - $84

These fabulous looks are New Year's Eve approved and right on trend.  There's a little something for everyone at Two Eighteen and I hope to see some of your gorgeous faces in soon. 

Thank you so so much for reading!  I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to let your individuality shine as you bring in 2017.  Cheers and best of wishes to all of you, 


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